Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program Underway Until June 19

From the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue | April 21, 2017

Eligible individuals and businesses can apply now through June 19, 2017 to pay past-due state taxes and have all penalties and half of the interest waived. "The overwhelming majority of individuals and businesses pay their state taxes on time, but for those living with the burden of unpaid taxes, this program is an opportunity to get relief," said Deputy Secretary for Tax Policy C. Daniel Hassell. "The application process is easy, but time is critical as this opportunity only lasts 60 days."

Act 84 of 2016 authorized a tax amnesty to net an estimated $100 million for the current year fiscal budget. Pioneer Credit Recovery is assisting the Department of Revenue with the administration of the program under requirements established by state law and the department.

Most individuals and businesses are eligible if they have unfiled tax returns, or unpaid or underpaid taxes due by the end of 2015. More than 30 state taxes administered by the department are eligible with some restrictions.

Those who owe back taxes are encouraged to visit or call 1-844-PA-STATE-TAX (1-844-727-8283) to apply for tax amnesty and make the required payment by June 19.

The Department of Revenue is mailing letters to approximately 800,000 known delinquent taxpayers with information about how to participate. As an incentive to those who have been flying under the radar, individuals and businesses with tax liabilities unknown to the department only have to file and pay taxes dating back to January 1, 2011.

All tax amnesty payments must be made in full by June 19. Payments will be accepted by check, money order, credit/debit card or electronic funds transfer.

Adding to the urgency of the program, eligible individuals and businesses that fail to take advantage of the Tax Amnesty program will receive a 5 percent penalty on their unpaid amnesty eligible delinquencies after the program.

Individuals and businesses that participated in the 2010 Tax Amnesty are ineligible for this program.