"Where's My Refund?" Tool Best Way to Check Tax Refund Status

From the IRS | IR-2017-62: Tax Time Guide | March 16, 2017

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reminds taxpayers that while more than 90 percent of federal tax refunds are issued in 21 days or less, some refunds may take longer. Many factors can affect the timing of a refund after the IRS receives the return. Also, taxpayers should take into consideration the time it takes a financial institution to post the refund to an account or for it to arrive in the mail. The best way to check the status of a refund is online through the "Where's My Refund?" tool at www.IRS.gov or via the IRS2Go. mobile app.
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Capital Gains and Losses - 10 Helpful Facts to Know

From the IRS: IRS Tax Tip 2017-18 | February 22, 2017

When a person sells a capital asset, the sale normally results in a capital gain or loss. A capital asset includes inherited property or property someone owns for personal use or as an investment. Here are 10 facts that taxpayers should know about capital gains and losses:
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IRS Reminds Taxpayers of April 1 Deadline to Take Required Retirement Plan Distributions

From the IRS | IR-2017-63 | March 20, 2017

The Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers who turned age 70-1/2 during 2016 that, in most cases, they must start receiving required minimum distributions (RMDs) from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and workplace retirement plans by Saturday, April 1, 2017.
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Name Change? How It Impacts Taxes

From the IRS | February 23, 2017

A name change can have an impact on taxes. All the names on a taxpayer's tax return must match Social Security Administration records. A name mismatch can delay a tax refund. Here's what taxpayers should know if they changed their name:
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Know These Facts Before Deducting a Charitable Donation

From the IRS | IRS Tax Tip 2017-32 | March 20, 2017

If taxpayers gave money or goods to a charity in 2016, they may be able to claim a deduction on their federal tax return. Taxpayers can use the interactive Tax Assistant tool, Can I Deduct My Charitable Contributions?, to help determine if their charitable contributions are deductible. Here are some important facts about charitable donations:
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Five Things to Know About the Child Tax Credit

From the IRS | IRS Tax Tip 2017-11 | February 8, 2017

The Child Tax Credit is a tax credit that may save taxpayers up to $1,000 for each eligible qualifying child. Taxpayers should make sure they qualify before they claim it. Here are five facts from the IRS on the Child Tax Credit.
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