Improved IRS Website: Best Way to Get Last-Minute Tax Help

From the IRS | IR-2018-91 | April 11, 2018

With just days remaining before the federal tax-filing deadline, the Internal Revenue Service said today that the new, mobile friendly website is available to help people who need last-minute tax information.

With more than 2.2 billion annual page views, offers online help for individual taxpayers as well as tax professionals. Based on website usage analytics, suggestions from the public, user testing and industry best practices, the IRS began updating the site last fall to address some of the issues that hindered the website’s usability.

One of the most important updates makes more mobile friendly. The website will resize and adapt based on the type of device taxpayers use to access it. This allows a better experience and optimal viewing for those using smart phones or tablets.

Taxpayers now have easier access to information through the File, Pay, Refunds, Credits & Deductions and Forms & Instructions links at the top of every page. Hovering a mouse over these links will reveal new drop-down menus. Each drop-down menu groups content options to reduce scrolling, giving taxpayers quicker access to the information they need. (On mobile devices, the same information can be found using the menu button.)

Several links have been added to the top of every page to give taxpayers one-click access to the help page, news center, content in other languages, information for charities and nonprofits and resources for tax professionals.

A new and improved search tool gives taxpayers an easier way to explore the large variety of content on the site. Taxpayers can filter the search results by content type, taxpayer audience type and archived content.

As the tax deadline nears and the demand for IRS tax help by phone is higher, the IRS encourages taxpayers to make their first stop when questions arise, as the website offers answers to many of the most common questions, like "Where’s My Refund?", how to make tax payments and how to get forms and instructions