Audit Services

Although the term "audit" is frequently associated with the IRS, it is important to realize that all audits are not created equal.

Pencil istockphotoThe type of audit provided by our Audit Service Team can help you understand more about the way your business operates, and has the potential to help you improve efficiency and profitability. It provides management, stockholders, investors, government agencies, creditors, and lenders with the information they need to feel secure about their involvement with your company or organization.

During our audit we gain an understanding of your financial and operating system by examining and testing records, confirming data internally and externally, and analyzing accounting and management controls. Throughout the audit process we may also be able to offer suggestions to help your organization improve internal controls as well as operational efficiency.

Our audit team members possess all of the traits inherent in an exceptional auditor - an analytical mind, the ability to "troubleshoot," a degree of healthy skepticism, professional judgment, and a solid understanding of the business world. They are also personable, friendly, and outgoing, which aids them in relating well with your employees during an engagement.

Industries in which our Audit Service Team members possess considerable experience include:

  • Local governments and municipalities
  • Charitable institutions
  • Christian ministries
  • Churches
  • Colleges and universities
  • Fire companies
  • Home health care agencies
  • Manufacturers and other commercial entities
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Private schools

Beyond our traditional audit services, we also provide ERISA/Department of Labor audits for client 401(k) profit sharing and pension plans.

For more information about out audit services, contact Julie Davis.

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